Augoe and Sons Nigeria Limited is committed to delivering the highest quality technical service; assuring technical integrity, and to provide a quality report detailing findings in a timely manner, we offers installation and maintenance services of mechanical systems such as structural steelwork, process equipment, plant maintenance, pipe work, tanks and vessels.

Augoe and Sons Company Nig. Ltd. technical knowledge of equipment focuses on all aspects of industrial equipment; construction materials, fabricated structures, tanks/Vessel and static pressure equipment, pipeline and piping systems, process rotating machinery, drilling and production equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation and control systems, Maintenance and Shutdown Services.

* Flow and Pipeline construction and repair
* Export and Production facility Construction- Onshore and Offshore
* Tank construction and Rehabilitation: Vertical, Spherical, Pressure tanks.
* Plant Works and Manifolds including Flow station Construction and Upgrade
* Maintenance of Turbines/ Pumps and Valves
* Installation and repair of pipelines and flowlines
* Auxiliary pumping services
* De-oiling of abandonment of pipelines and facilities
* Hydrostatic pressure-testing of pipelines and facilities
* Pigging (Intelligent inclusive), Gauging and cleaning
Design / interpretation of electrical designs
* Cabling work/Electrification of Buildings
* Inspection/ testing and commissioning of electrical installation
* Flow station upgrade
* Installation of Electro-pneumatic transducers, Oil line presure control system, pressure control valves, gauges, meters, temperature control systems.
* Calibration of valves and meters
* Cathodic Protection
* Civil, structural and earthwork construction

* Construction of access roads, drainages

* Building construction/ renovation
* Case piling/sheet piling, Jetty construction/ renovation

Augoe and Sons Nigeria Limited can facilitate the transformation of your procurement operations into an on demand service by leveraging our own award-winning internal procurement organization.

We can provide full end-to-end procurement services or selected services based on your requirements. Our services include:
• Strategic sourcing,
. Procurement operations, Accounts payable & Customer assistance
• Flexible technology solutions.

Augoe and Sons Company Nigeria Limited also offer post installation after sales service with provision for in-country stock holding/inventory for prompt or just-in-time delivery of critical service spares.

We have the reach and means to procure materials from around the globe through a wide supplier/stock-lists network worldwide. Our procurement capability includes, but not limited to;